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Testimonials 4

I just wanted to say a big Thank You for guiding our [Mesothelioma] support group meetings throughout the year. I have enjoyed you calm nature and the way you have allowed everyone to feel special and have a voice within the group.
Our group will always be sad with the death of members but your support has been fantastic.

The meditation sessions I have found excellent but I am yet to master a particular method. I will keep practising and hopefully one will stick with me.
Good Luck next year.
Thanking you

Jennifer Piper



My mother, Ma Yoga Bhagwati left her body on January 26, 2007, in Pune, India. She was 83, and had been a meditator and an Osho’s disciple since October 1973.

Due to the severe pain she was in, at one point she decided that it was time to leave her body.  She told my sister and brothers present at that time that she now had only 4 more days to live and did not want us to help her live any longer. At that time we decided to bring her home.  She loved to listen to discourses on meditation throughout the day, and we would also sit with her in meditation, as well as playing her favorite music.  
All her five children, her daughter-in-law, 2 grand children and other friends were near her till she left her body, peacefully and consciously.  

One day earlier we had meditated with her while listening to Maneesha’s In
Transition” guided meditation to help her leave her body in a meditative atmosphere (as are my father, my sister and I, she was very fond of Maneesha). She had become very very weak and was unable to speak much, but we could feel that she participated in the meditation.  She left her body within 24 hours after that. When she took her last breath, she opened both eyes wide open, and that was it; she never breathed again.  It was as if she left through her eyes.  I experienced tremendous rush of energy in the room.  There was so much lightness, such illumination!

Having participated in one of Maneesha’s groups in conscious dying, my sister and I felt that to create a meditative energy for my mother was the most important thing we could do for her. Maneesha’s guidance on her In Transition CD is simply worded and spoken lovingly. It is an easy and beautiful process …a great support for anyone who is dying.

Jagruti Vyas
Texas, USA



I recently had the luck and the honor to take care of Emma, the mother of Veeresh, a very dear friend. Through the time I took care of her she became my friend too and I took care of her through her dying. Although I have been a sannyasin for a while, Osho’s vision of death as celebration and part of life has been, for me, one of the most difficult concepts to open up to. This is why I participated in the workshop that Maneesha was leading in Rome, in 2007.

My work with Maneesha helped me to change dramatically my fear of death and to relate to death with a lighter and even serene feeling.
When the death of this friend was coming closer, the work I did with Maneesha specifically on this issue and the Humaniversity therapy, helped me to accept what was happening. Accompanying Emma was a deep and very enriching experience for me.
She could die in tranquility. Her room became a temple of peace at the time of her passing. Looking back, I realise that I would not have been able to handle this situation and have this experience without that workshop with Maneesha, and her friendship and guidance after that.
Thank you, dear Maneesha.

Egmond aan Zee, Holland



Maneesha has facilitated many groups at the Arihant Meditation Center, of which I am director. I appreciate her capacity to pass on the fragrance of meditation – in a very simple way – to every body, both beginners and seasoned meditators.

Besides her personal experience with meditation, Maneesha has a vast knowledge of methods and techniques that she has collected in the years, following her natural curiosity and clear intelligence. In addition, her creativity has inspired her to create various methods, taking the cue from Osho’s words. For this reason, Maneesha is able to find the right method for the right moment or the person, and she is a great support for whoever needs guidance on the path.

She collected all her experience to co-create a multi-levelled training in meditation, which she named ‘The Supreme Science’. All the possible aspects of meditation are included -- from the methods, to their application to the daily life and how to deal with emotions. AS to the final level, on death, she presents with softness and depth.

Maneesha is bursting with energy, ideas, passion and love for life and meditation. For me she represents a great friend, teacher, sister, source of inspiration and a marvellous fellow traveller.

Ushma Hinnawi
Varazze, Italy



I was fortunate to meet Maneesha at the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune, India.
By happenstance, Maneesha was the person leading the orientation program on my first day there. I was hesitant to come to the Osho place because of all the crazy stories I had heard about Osho for many years. So, I was very pleasantly surprised that this woman — who soon became my friend — was not only very attractive but also very intelligent, very sane and even funny. The orientation included discussion about cultural conditioning and how the active meditation techniques — especially Dynamic Meditation — liberate one from cultural conditioning. It was a lively and intriguing discussion. Maneesha’s presentation had my state go from trepidation to excitement.

During the next weeks, Maneesha and I talked much. I learned that Maneesha had lived close to Osho since 1974 and had edited many of his books. The following year, I invited Maneesha to present a workshop in Columbia, Maryland where I was teaching at the time. The studio was not familiar with Osho meditation techniques, but the owner was willing to host Maneesha anyway. The students who attended had never experienced anything like Dynamic Meditation. It was definitely out of their comfort zone.

I observed how Maneesha’s personality, demeanor and genuine compassion made it quite easy for her to connect with every person she encountered, from the studio owner to the other teachers to the students. It seems obvious that one big reason the participants were willing to try these unfamiliar, out-of-the-box, even ‘weird’ activities was Maneesha’s presence. Her presence — the combination of her innate personality, decades of meditation and facilitator experience, plus what I can only describe as the ‘Osho connection’ — put students at ease and made it possible for them to go where they had never gone before.

In closing, may I add that my intention in travelling to India in 2001 had nothing to do with Osho. As it turned out, learning about Osho was the most important part of the trip. Maneesha is my connection to Osho. For this I am grateful.

Joe Roberson
(Yoga Instructor)
Baltimore, USA

If you want what visible reality can give,
you’re an employee.

If you want the unseen world,
You’re not living your truth.

Both wishes are foolish,
But you’ll be forgiven for forgetting
That what you really want is
Love’s confusing joy.


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